Generally vegetables produce low levels of ethylene gas but are very sensitive to its action.  20-500 PPB of ethylene are commonly found in storages.  5 PPB can cause damage to sensitive commodities.

​Mixed Fruit and Vegetables

In this situation the fruit is responsible for most of the ethylene being generated.  50-500 PPB of ethylene are commonly found in storages.  100 PPB of ethylene can trigger premature ripening in fruit and will cause vegetables to yellow or russet spot.  Mold growth is also more rapid at these levels.

Apples and Pears

While ethylene generation by these fruits varies by varieties they are generally considered high producers of ethylene gas and should be stored separately from other produce whenever possible.  100-1,000 PPB of ethylene are commonly found in storages.  Removing ethylene will retard premature ripening, reduce scald, bitter pit and help maintain crispness.  The units are also used in C.A. storages.

Important Considerations for Installing an EF-100 Filtration System

​Type of Produce

Recommendations (with electric forklifts)

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One EF-100/75,000 cu. ft. of airspace
One EF-100/100,000 cu. ft. of airspace
Propane Forklifts produce very large amounts of ethylene gas.  When propane forklifts are used as a part of normal operations it is recommended that one EF-100 Filtration System be used for every 75,000 cu. ft. of airspace regardless of the type of produce stored.
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One EF-100/150,000 cu. ft. of airspace
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