24" x 16" x 2"

Used for ethylene control in sea containers, truck trailers and walk-in coolers.  When used with fruit, the filters will remove ethylene for 1-3 months.  When used with floral, the filter life is from 6-12 months. One filter can handle up to 3,000 cu. ft. of storage space.  Each filter contains 3 lbs. of pellets.

​Panel Filters

Used in larger walk-in and drive-in coolers to remove ethylene for up to 10,000 cu. ft. of warehouse space.  these filters will work in storages that are only used seasonally where the cost of an EF-100 Filtration System is not justified.  One filter will control ethylene from 3-6 months and contains 9 lbs. of pellets.

16" x 8" x 2"