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Ethylene Control Filters

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Produce packet

​5 Gram

​Used for ethylene removal in LOW producing commodities, such as vegetables and flowers, up to 10 lbs/box.

​20 Gram

Used for ethylene removal in High ethylene producing commodities such as apples, pears and melons, up to 50 lbs/box


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​Approved for use with organic produce by OMRI

Ethylene Absorbing Sachet filter

​10 Gram

Used for ethylene removal in MEDIUM ethylene producing commodities, such as peaches, plums, nectarines, mangos, etc., up to 30 lbs/box; or oranges, lemons and limes, up to 40 lbs/box.

Organic Produce Filters
CJS Ethylene Filters


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(Please call for bulk pricing)

​Ethylene Absorbing sachets, used for ethylene control in boxed fruit and flowers, contain the most powerful pellet on the market today.